October 24, 2019

Broken Girl vs Fix-It-Boy by Jordan Ford

Author : Jordan Ford
Published Date : October 24, 2019
Publisher : Self Published
Series : Forever Love / Book 2
Genre : YA Fiction / Romance
Rating : 5 Star

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About The Book

She’s closed her heart to protect her family. Can he open it back up to let love bloom?

Harper is determined to fill the void left by her late parents. And though handsome Tane stirs her grieving heart, she can’t allow anything to distract her from caring for her younger siblings. But denying her feelings has her headed for a breakdown.

Tane longs to sweep Harper off her feet. Though she’s brushed aside his confessions of love, he’s sure he’s the shoulder she needs to cry on. So when she comes home one day with stitches, he’s crushed she didn’t ask for his help.

Frustrated with Harper’s stubborn refusal, Tane busies himself helping the orphans navigate their new school. But when everyone else ignores her needs, even he may not be enough to prevent the fallout.

Despite the tragic clouds hanging over their heads, will Harper and Tane find love’s silver lining?

The Review

Broken Girl vs. Fix-It-Boy is the second book in the Forever Love series that will break your heart while giving hope for new beginnings for this family who totally deserves that happy ending!

Harper is bound and determined to fill that missing void that her parents left onto her younger siblings but it's not going as planned. Tane just wants to be Harper's everything but she has this wall built around her that nothing seems to be getting through. Then, you add in the drama of Stacy and Bianca's twin relationship told through the eyes of Bianca; you soon realize that something bad will happen to one of the girls but you just pray that it won't be too late to save one of them.

Everything will come crashing down when Harper gets hurt and everybody seems to have forgotten her birthday, all within the same week. Only then will Harper's wall will come down to show her true emotions while giving hope to a relationship that will put a big smile on your face!

I will warn you if you don't like blood, there will be a part in this book that Harper will hurt herself; it will be very bloody but it shows what kind of person Harper is (Just like myself, too stubborn to ask for help when blood is going everywhere!). I loved this book for all the emotions that is in it and just this whole series so far for every single emotion that every single person is dealing with as they grief the loss of everything they ever knew.

I so can't wait to read the third book in this series (Shy Girl vs. Popular Boy) just because it will tell more of Bianca's point of view and the love story that is just waiting to blossom!!

Thank You to Jordan Ford for this excellent book in a series that totally has my whole heart, wrapped around it!!

I voluntarily reviewed this complementary book from the Author!

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