October 28, 2019

RockStar Book Tour ~ Scars Like Wings by Erin Stewart

Author : Erin Stewart
Published Date : October 1, 2019
Publisher : Delacorte Press
Genre : YA Fiction
Rating : 5 Star
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About The Book

Relatable, heartbreaking, and real, this is a story of resilience--the perfect novel for readers of powerful contemporary fiction like Girl in Pieces and Every Last Word.

Before, I was a million things. Now I'm only one. The Burned Girl.

Ava Lee has lost everything there is to lose: Her parents. Her best friend. Her home. Even her face. She doesn't need a mirror to know what she looks like--she can see her reflection in the eyes of everyone around her.

A year after the fire that destroyed her world, her aunt and uncle have decided she should go back to high school. Be "normal" again. Whatever that is. Ava knows better. There is no normal for someone like her. And forget making friends--no one wants to be seen with the Burned Girl, now or ever.

But when Ava meets a fellow survivor named Piper, she begins to feel like maybe she doesn't have to face the nightmare alone. Sarcastic and blunt, Piper isn't afraid to push Ava out of her comfort zone. Piper introduces Ava to Asad, a boy who loves theater just as much as she does, and slowly, Ava tries to create a life again. Yet Piper is fighting her own battle, and soon Ava must decide if she's going to fade back into her scars . . . or let the people by her side help her fly.

"A heartfelt and unflinching look at the reality of being a burn survivor and at the scars we all carry. This book is for everyone, burned or not, who has ever searched for a light in the darkness." --Stephanie Nielson, New York Times bestselling author of Heaven Is Here and a burn survivor

The Review

This book has to be one of the best books that I have read this year about a young girl overcoming all the heartbreaks that lead her to that one heck of a ending!!

Ava Lee is one lucky girl in the sense that she is the sole survivor of a house fire that took the life of her parents and cousin but she is left with the horror of surviving a fire. Only when her Aunt and Uncle suggest to Ava that maybe it's time to get back to normal in a sense with her going to school once again but Ava doesn't like that idea since she knows she will be called the Burned Girl. As Ava meets a fellow fire survivor named Piper that she slowly starts coming out of the shell that she built around her but not all is what it seems with Piper.

It takes a school play for everything to slowly unravel with a former friend of Piper's not playing very nice. As the secrets unravel with a heartbreaking twist to the story that will always have you in tears for what these two girls have to endure, that ending will put a huge on your face for what is to come in their future!!

I do want to warn y'all on this story, it will rip your heart apart for the story while also having the real truth of what a burn survivor goes through, even with all the gross parts. So be warned that it's not all sugar and spice in this story. Also, this story hits home for me with a family member getting in fire around the time that I started this book. Luckily, my family member didn't get badly burned like Ava but I could only imagine what if.

Like I said, this book will rip your heart out for all the loss that Ava had to endure but to see her come out of her shell by the ending was just icing on the cake! I will admit that I was mad at Piper for the little game she played with Ava but at the same time, I could see why she did it as well. Overall, this Author took the time to write a fantastic story that will stay with me awhile!

Thank You to Erin Stewart for this fantastic 5 Star debut novel that made me a fan of yours from this day forward!!

I voluntarily reviewed this complementary book from RockStar Book Tours!

About The Author

Erin Stewart is the author of SCARS LIKE WINGS, her debut novel. Erin is a graduate of the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern and a BYU undergraduate who works as a freelance writer and editor, as well as a weekly columnist in Salt Lake City.

Erin lives in Utah with her husband and three children. She is represented by the amazing Brianne Johnson of Writers House.

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