October 23, 2019

RockStar Book Tour ~ Sam Saves The Night by Shari Simpson

Author : Shari Simpson
Published Date : October 1, 2019
Publisher : Disney-Hyperion
Series : Sleep Wakers / Book 1
Genre : YA Fiction / Adventure
Rating : 4 Star

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About The Book

What would you do if you could stay out all night and not get in trouble?

Thirteen-year-old Sam has no friends, but you can't really blame her. She lives her life in a state of chronic exhaustion thanks to her nightly sleepwalking jaunts, which include trips to the store, treehouse-building projects, and breaking-and-entering escapades-none of which she remembers in the morning. Her condition is taking its toll on her family (and her life), so when her mom takes her to see a wacky strip-mall sleep specialist, Sam is wary, but 100 percent in.

The night after the doc works his mojo, Sam wakes up outside her body, watching herself sleep. FREAKY! But once she gets over the panic attack, she realizes there's a whole world of detached-souls out there, called SleepWakers-cliques of kids like the Achieves, who use their sleep time to learn new things; the Numbs, who eat junk food and play video games all night long, and the OCDeeds who search for missing things and organize other people's stuff. And then there are the Mean Dreams, led by Madalynn Sucret, the nicest girl in Sam's school, who shows Sam that she can use her power to get back at a bully who's been tormenting her. Sam is intrigued-until it becomes clear that Madalynn is the real bully and the "tormentor" is just, well... sad. Now Sam is faced with uniting the various tribes of SleepWakers to fight back against Madalynn and the Mean Dreams in the most epic battle the night has ever seen.

The Review

For being a book about a young girl who sleepwalks that turns into something else, it sure did capture my attention and excited to see where this series will go next!

Thirteen year old Sam has no friends, mostly due to her extreme tiredness in school for the nightly sleepwalks she takes. While it's taking a toll on her social life, her family life if struggling as well since they never know what will happen next when Sam sleeps. With her mother at wit's end at trying to solve the problem, a doctor in a strip mall seems to know what the problem is and does his magic on Sam but Sam freaks out when the next time she hits the pillow, she is looking down at herself, sleeping!

As Sam learns this new world of SleepWakers, a problem within this world is brewing in a way that will bring trouble to everyone. I don't want to spoil too much further than this but let's say that the bully doesn't win or does she?, that's something for the next book in this series!!

I will admit that some parts of this book just seem to drag on for days but the parts that are interesting, will make you wonder what will happen next for Sam and the new friends that she is making! If anything, this book is perfect for those who want something different that makes you think about what if this was really real, what would you do in this situation that Sam is in!

Thank You to Shari Simpson for the start of this new series that I'm so curious on what will happen next for Sam after that ending!!

I voluntarily reviewed this complementary book from RockStar Book Tours!

About The Author

Shari Simpson is a playwright and screenwriter who cowrote the off-Broadway hit Maybe Baby, It's You and the Disney Channel Original Movie The Swap, both with her longtime writing partner, Charlie Shahnaian. She also won the 2012 BlogHer Voice of the Year for Humor Writing. Shari lives in Hoboken, NJ, with a patient husband, two hilarious teenagers, a demonic cat, and her pug, Mila Kunis. This is her first novel.

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